Sunday, July 10, 2011

Jeanette Lowe (Fishflix)

FEATURED PHOTOGRAPHER: Jeanette Lowe (fishflix)!

Beach Boys by Jeanette Lowe (fishflix)
#1 Beach Boys
I love this photograph because I like to think I captured some of the essence of the boys’ personalities in the brief moment it took to press the shutter. It wasn’t a staged shot. I was photographing the stairwell when Tadhg and Aaron ran up and adopted a pose. It was a fun moment and they were gone. Having this photograph accepted as one of 60 selected from 6000 worldwide to hang in the National Portrait Gallery in London as part of the Taylor Wessing Portrait Photography Prize was very special.

Vantage Point by Jeanette Lowe (fishflix)
I like this photograph on many levels. I like that people are drawn to it because they are not sure what it is initially and also not sure if it’s a painting or a photograph. I also like the voyeuristic nature of it and that it’s not easy to say where it was taken. It was actually taken in London on a rainy day looking out a steamy window by the Thames.

1 Tell us a little about yourself

I was born in and live in Dublin Ireland. My background is in Marketing, Communications and IT. Last September I gave up the day job to concentrate more on photography. I guess I made the decision to give it a go when a friend asked me what I would do if I won the Lottery and I said - travel more and spend more time on photography. She said you don’t have to win the lottery to do that…

2: How long have you been involved in photography?
I guess without even knowing it photography has always been a passion whether its looking at other peoples great shots or being happy with the result that comes from my own camera. Saying this, even though I have always owned a camera, I only feel that I am “involved” in photography for the last couple of years. Before that I took photographs, but never showed them to anyone. I actually have to thank Flickr, and this group in particular, for giving me an outlet and an audience for my photography and for great encouragement.

3: Equipment you use?

I’ve moved up from the 350D to the 40D to the 5D Mk II.
Lenses - Canon L 2.8 28-70 and 70 – 200 L 4.
I love cameras as design objects in their own right. I don’t get caught up on the technology as long as it can do what I want it to. I would love at some stage to own an old Leica rangefinder because I find them beautiful. So if anyone has one lying around......

4 Who or what inspires you?

I have taken courses in the National College of Art and Design in Dublin for the past two years (Photography and Painting) and I get huge inspiration from my fellow students. Apart from that I have to say Henri Cartier Bresson as I was buying postcards of his for years before I knew who he was and still feel the same about them when I see them now.

5: Preferred subject matter?

Unstaged “moment in time” shots

6: Name one thing you haven't caught with the camera that you REALLY want to capture.

Too many to mention…. this journey is only starting for me.

7 If you weren’t a photographer would you have another artistic pursuit? If so what?

I studied design, which got me back into photography. I hope to continue to study a wide variety of art and design forms as I know it can only impact positively on my photographs. Never say never...

8: Do you have any advice for someone just starting their photography journey?

Yes – don’t be afraid to fail. I spoke to a research scientist recently and he said his business was all about failure and it was something the students had difficulty with initially but once they did it gave them a great skill for life.

9: Plans for the future?

I intend to travel more and spend more time on photography ☺

10: In one word, describe your photography.

I like to think I capture a little bit of Life

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