Tuesday, January 01, 2008


1 The big love for the legless dog.

-- from Quizz... - (?)
This photo is my collection’s jewel.
I am really proud to capture this particular moment, as I said – street photography is hard task. To become “invisible” in the middle of some interesting situation, right with your camera and your photographic nosiness is a dream of any photographer.
I love that all three of them are looking somewhere but not me, still I was arm length away – precious.
Those two girls and the puppy always make me smile. So that’s one of my favorites.

My summer of love.

-- from Quizz... - (?)
So this are my Photoshop skills.
First of all – this is collaboration with AustinTX www.flickr.com/photos/austintx/.
It’s collage, I paste myself in there to join Austin’s model and create something virtually while she was staying in USA and I in my cozy bedroom in Poland. I challenged myself and I think I did it well.
I didn’t even had prints on shirt while making my part of collaboration
So I find it lovely and innovative – the idea itself – to make photos and then together with Flickr people play with them some more, exchange, replace even if miles set us apart. It’s great fun and you can learn so much! You should try it and show me results!

1: How long have you been involved in photography?

I have started making photos three years ago, when I have joined photo blog, which happened by big accident by the way.
I was bored during summer time and this way I found a new way of spending time online.
After joining photo blog I got pulled in by this form of art right away. I can’t name anything else that inspire me more than photography – both making it and looking at works of my Flickr friends.

2: Equipment you use?

For past three years I had two cameras – both were little point and shoot ones - Panasonic and Sony Cybershot.
I love them both because they were wonderful tools to start my adventure with photography. Also for the fact, that they were my company everywhere I went. They saw all my trips, all events I went on, all friends I have.
Now for few months I have Canon 20D, and I’m learning how to make photos BIG time. I say I got it just on time because my “little friends” are starting to fall apart, maybe due to the fact I had no mercy for them for past years and now they deserve retirement. At least they had long and interesting “lives”, at least for the cameras.

3: Mac or PC?

PC, but perhaps I will upgrade soon ;)

4: What inspires you?

Other people. Flickr people. With out doubt.
The huge, great bunch of people with ideas that blow minds. Greatest source of talent, innovation, sparkle, witness, sweetness, drive, passion.
Flickr people have it all, my friends who amaze me daily, for them and for that place I want to try harder.
So once again – *YOU* inspire me.

5: Preferred subject matter?

I have no idea how to answer to that question. I like self portraits – I always look different on my photos than from what I know from the reflection in the mirror, and that is a great fun for me to discover many faces of mine. Sometimes I would like to be like Quizz, because she is so very different from real me – so if I may say so – I like the subject of Quizz, character I created.
Also I like to photograph people - street photography – I don’t have many of those because I’m usually shy to take out my camera and “shoot people” – when I will learn more and break up timidness – I’m sure that will become my favorite subject.

6: Name one thing you haven't caught with the camera that
you REALLY want to capture.

There are two things that I want to capture still – first thing is a big, fat lightning, I never managed catch that, mainly because I sit under the cover during storms.
Second is really nice, long and sharp sunbeam, like the ones I see sometimes on Flickr. I made one photo of that nature event so far, but I wish to have more of those (I guess you have to get up early first, Quizzy! ;)

7: When in doubt about your art, who do you confide in?

Ummmm… Flickr people again? lol
They are a little jokers sometimes, telling me I’m kind of *OK*, and even that I know those are white lies at times, it gives me a big boost and I can carry on with what I like, with much less doubts.

8: Qualifications/training in anything? ie: Photoshop

I’m Interior Designer, so I had something to do with graphic programs, yet mainly architectural ones and three dimension ones, like 3D MAX.
Photoshop I have learned on my own after joining Flickr, and then some of those “skills” I used at school, not the way around 

9: Plans for the future?

Oh my, where to start. I have just finished Academy of Fine Arts with Master’s Degree in Architectural Design, and the sky is the limit. I want to do something connected with photography, design…
I did many things already – paint, sculpt, made jewels, worked in Culture Centers…
I don’t have certain plan, but I just know that my future job will be my greatest hobby.
Naive? Oh well ;)

10: In one word, describe your photography.


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Linus said...

I am fascinated and inspired by Quizz's imagery in flickr, til now.