Monday, September 11, 2006



"The dock" at "the lake"

Like barley bending

1. How long have you been involved in photography?
Just over 8 months. I purchased my first digital camera in December of 2005 and it was love at first sight! Since them, I’ve become slightly obsessed, and have upgraded my equipment to accommodate my obsession. I shoot something every day.

2. Equipment you use?
I currently use a Fujifilm FinePix S5200. And I really must get a tripod. "<--greatest camera in the world, but im biased ;)...Ev"

3. Mac or PC?

4. What inspires you?
Prairie landscape and my home in rural Saskatchewan.

5. Prefered subject matter?
Landscapes, skyscapes, the outdoors.

6. Name one thing you haven't caught with the camera that you REALLY want to capture.
Lightning. I tried one evening during a storm. I took something like 300
pictures and got one lame little lightning shot that I could only really see after some post-processing. I think I need more skill or a better technique or better luck.

7. When in doubt about your art, who do you confide in?
My husband. He smiles and nods. I think he’s singing a song in his head. :o)

8. Qualifications/training in anything? ie: Photoshop
No formal qualifications in anything photographic. Learn to do by doing:
that’s my motto, so far anyway.

9. Plans for the future?
Photographically? I want to get better at it. My goal is to be able to use all
the manual settings on my Fuji. I’d better get at it, because I’ve told myself
I can’t get a dSLR until I can realize the potential of the Fuji. We’ll see how long that sticks. I also want to become more adept at interior shots, and I’m starting to be intrigued by portraits. Basically, I want to expand my horizons a little more.

Philosophically, my goal is to be a competent prairie photographer. I think the wide-open spaces shape those of us who live here in particular ways. I’m constantly trying to express that visually.

10. In one word, describe your photography.

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