Sunday, May 06, 2007


A very simple subject matter, but with right color combination, dof and subject placement, I like the result.
A lot of friends know me because of macro photography, but I also do some other types of photos too. for example this portrait, I really enjoyed working with this little model and happy with the result.

1: How long have you been involved in photography?

When I was a little kid, i always like to play with my dad's camera. Will that count? :) Anyway, after on and off with photography for some times since my film days, I'm very serious about it in the last two years.

2: Equipment you use?

Nikon D50 with various lenses. My favorite lenes are 50mm f/1.4, 85mm f/1.4 and tamron 90mm for macro work. I love fast prime lenses.

3: Mac or PC?

I use PC with Adobe Lightroom, Photoshop CS2 as my main tools.

4: What inspires you?

Since I joined flickr last year, a lot of inspiration came from great friends around here.

5: Preferred subject matter?

Beautiful nature around me. I love to bring out beauty that was hidden from plain view.

6: Name one thing you haven't caught with the camera that you REALLY want to capture.

No spectific thing, but I always love to challenge myself to get all kind of different photos with different technics from the same subject.

7: When in doubt about your art, who do you confide in?

My great flickr friends.

8: Qualifications/training in anything? ie: Photoshop

Self-taught in both photography and photoshop. My first version of photoshop is version 5 so it's a very long trial and error until now :)

9: Plans for the future?

No particular plans, but I would love to get better with photography and have better equipments in the future.

10: In one word, describe your photography.

It's all about composition.

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