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The first image was taken in the spring at Gorman, California while the wildflowers were in their glory. It's the cover image of my website,

-- from jody9 - (?)

This second image was taken in the Lake District of England in Ullswater, Cumbria. It was selected last month by the Tate Gallery in London for their 40-image exhibit entitled "How We Are Now".

-- from jody9 - (?)

1. How long have you been involved in photography?
Since I was very young, and seriously, about 35 years. I got really interested in my late teens, and studied in workshops with Jerry Uelsmann at the University of Florida in 1973, and then at the Ansel Adams Friends of Photography workshop in 1982, while Ansel was still able to actively teach. It was the greatest period of growth in my photography. I then studied privately for a couple of years with one of my instructors at the workshop, Arthur Ollman. He continues to nudge me to this day.

2. Equipment you use?
Currently, a Nikon D40x with an 18-200 zoom and a 10-20mm zoom. I've only owned those for about 4 months now. A lot of the work you see here on flickr was done with a Canon point and shoot. I have used just about every type of camera and for my early landscape work (the Britain series in particular) I used a Pentax 6x7. I also use Diana, Holga, and Fujipet toy cameras, and a ZeroImage pinhole camera.

3. Mac or PC?
I use a PC at home, and at work I use a Mac. I love them both for different reasons.

4. What inspires you?
Beauty. I look for the beauty in everything, even the ugly. My desire is to connect with beauty and communicate it.

5 Preferred subject matter?
Landscape in general, though I shoot many "types" of landscape. I do some macro work too, though I'm not as satisfied with much of it. I especially enjoy night photography for its surprising results.

6.Name one thing you haven't caught with the camera that you really want to capture.
A truly evocative cinematic moment, with a human subject. I'm not that good at shooting people.

7. When in doubt about your art, who do you confide in?
I have my teacher, Arthur Ollman, who has been my muse and my best source of constructive criticism for over 25 years. He always finds a way to push me out of my comfort zone. My husband is also a wonderful photographer and gives me great feedback.

8. Qualifications / training:
I'm an art director and animator for television and have been in that field for 35 years now. It melds beautifully with my photography. I taught myself photoshop about a year and a half ago. I still don't know enough about it.

9. Plans for the future?
I've always wanted to own a gallery, though whether that's a brick and mortar storefront or an online gallery remains to be seen. I would love to showcase the work of those artists I admire and give them great representation. My current fantasy plan, though, is to sell everthing I own, buy a camper van and set off to tour the continent and shoot whatever and whenever I want!

10. In one word, describe your photography.

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