Sunday, August 31, 2008


Mountain road

-- from aswirly - (?)
I am always drawn to road shots, especially in beautiful places. To me they just feel like an adventure!! This picture is special to me becuase I took it while on a photo trip to the mountains with my Dad this Summer.

Read My Lips

-- from aswirly - (?)
Photography and photoshop is an outlet for me to express myself. This image is a little bit of self-expression that I'm rather pleased with :)

1: How long have you been involved in photography?

Well for the last 8 years I've been hooked on my point and shoot camera. I took it everywhere. But about a year ago, when I joined Flickr, I started to get serious. Now I am able to do more since finally purchasing my DSLR last March.

2: Equipment you use?

Nikon D50 with Nikkor 18-55 lens and Nikkor 55-200VR lens. For post processing I use Photoshop and Photomatix.

3: Mac or PC?

Definitely a PC. lol.

4: What inspires you?

A day full of clouds, interesting light and shadows, anything pretty, and my mood ;) Everything churns my imagination.

5: Preferred subject matter?

Ooh I don't know. It really depends on my mood. I love city, land, and seascapes. Flowers are always wonderful...HDR is quite fun and addictive. How can I choose? Everyday I see something that triggers an idea. Then I work and work on that idea until I make something I like. Sometimes it is nothing like the original idea that came to me.
6: Name one thing you haven't caught with the camera that you REALLY want to capture.

Lightening!!! That might not happen for awhile though since we rarely get good storms here. But another thing I'd like to get is a really nice night shot of San Francisco.

7: When in doubt about your art, who do you confide in?

My friend Brian, aka Funky Slug, has been a great help. We both love trying new things in our work and he always tells me honestly if a piece I'm working on is any good.

8: Qualifications/training in anything? ie: Photoshop

I haven’t had any formal training but I’ve been playing with photoshop for about 6 years. For about a minute I even had my own little business doing photo-retouching. lol.

9: Plans for the future?

Well, recently I've acquired some work doing portraiture and commercial photography. It has been a blast and very rewarding too. My hope and plan is to make a little living doing what I love.

10: In one word, describe your photography.


Anonymous said...
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Joe said...

I always look forward to Aswirly's new postings, because she constantly surprises us with new ways of seeing the expected, rendered artfully and with feeling.

Her work constantly expands on the possible, opening our eyes to new ways of thinking and seeing.

To me, there is no better way to learn to be an artist in photography than to follow Aswirly's posts on Flickr.

sean.mantey said...

I'm a big fan of Ambers she's very talented yet modest and gracious with her time on Flickr.

I know she's going to be a massive hit in her new business and look forward to seeing it take off.

Great interview!


Anonymous said...
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