Thursday, October 15, 2009

{ Amy }


Often, I feel really proud of a photo when I first take it, then I improve and the photo doesn't seem so good, but this one, from may, is a case where I'm still really happy with it.
Like a second look, like a burning leaf of an open book by { Amy }

This one is very recent, and I was so happy with the processing I did on it. :)
320/365: so tight and close to you... by { Amy }

1: How long have you been involved in photography?
About two and a half years. Seems like ages ago!

2: Equipment you use?
When I first started, we had a little point-and-shoot kodak, but it wasn't until we got a Canon 400D that I really got into photography. Now days I use a Canon 50D, mostly with my favourite lens; a 100mm f/2.8 Macro

3: Mac or PC?
PC. My brother's got a Mac, but I've never been particularly drawn to it.

4: What inspires you?
Ah...can i say "everything"? haha, no....I guess a lot of my inspiration comes from other photographers, looking at their photos often gives me ideas, things I want to try for myself...they almost never end up looking like I planned, but that's all part of it, right?

5: Preferred subject matter?
I'd have to say Nature. It's crazy how much joy you can get out of photographing a little daisy, or a poppy, or any of the other wonders that you can find in a common garden.

6: Name one thing you haven't caught with the camera that you REALLY want to capture?
You know those really cool long exposure shots of the ocean? yeah, I'd like to try those.

7: When in doubt about your art, who do you confide in?
My mum and my sisters, for sure. They're all interested in photography as well, so they help a lot. It's not that I struggle with liking my own work, it's more that I struggle with whether other people will like my work, most of the time I just need someone to tell me that it's okay, I'm doing the right thing, and no, that flower doesn't look like a cat playing the accordion while tap dancing. :p

8: Qualifications/training in anything? ie: Photoshop?
Nope, I pretty much taught myself by fiddling around with a lot of different buttons and knobs, but my brothers helped me learn how to use photoshop. I am doing an online photography course at the moment too, so hopefully I'll learn a bit more about the technical side of it.

9: Plans for the future?
Finishing said photography course sometime in the next million years, finishing my 365day project and my 52week project, and taking a whole bunch of photos :)

10: In one word, describe your photography.

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