Tuesday, April 29, 2008



Reliable decision
I chose this because its a very personal picture with a strong personal story.
-- from siljegarshol - (?)

Watching it grow
I like the story it tells...and that its a different story for whoever views it.

-- from siljegarshol - (?)

1: How long have you been involved in photography?
I have been actively taking pictures only for about a year, but I have always liked taking pictures. I started with macro shots exploring new worlds in my own apartment some years ago.

2: Equipment you use?
My equipment is a nikon coolpix 5000p a point and shoot camera and Nikon D40x.

3: Mac or PC?
I use a PC.

4: What inspires you?
My inspiration can be absolutely anything. But when I come over new techniques I explore them and go wild.

5: Preferred subject matter?
My preferred subjects are impossible to tell, it all depends on my mood and its what I strive for. I try and only take pictures of subjects that I feel has a strong relation to my personality and my own personal language.

6: Name one thing you haven't caught with the camera that you REALLY want to capture.
The one thing I really want to capture is actually a friend of mine. And its a portrait of him that I feel shows him truly. Not just a portrait but with a deeper sense to it.

7: When in doubt about your art, who do you confide in?
When I have doubts I just continue. This is all a personal journey and exploration. My doubts make me go further and all I can do is try and understand them and maybe solve them. But I guess I am more open to other peoples views on certain things when I am in this state. So unconsciously I guess its my fellow photographers and people around me.

8: Qualifications/training in anything? ie: Photoshop
I have learned everything I know on my own. I search the net, I ask people who know more..etc
Photoshop I learned the basics through school and the rest on my own. I sometimes use Photomatix witch I also learned on my own, but its a very easy program.

9: Plans for the future?
My plans ahead are as always uncertain. I am studying Industrial Design now and I know I will finish my 3 years and then decide after that. Most likely I will find a new location maybe Holland or Berlin and take my masters. All combined with photography :-)

10: In one word, describe your photography.

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