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"Choosing two photos was the hardest part of this interview!
I don't think they should be spoiled with words.
I'll leave your hearts to describe what you see!"
Today I painted my dream... by AnneliesW

Queen's Day by AnneliesW

1: How long have you been involved in photography?

My first analogue camera was a Zeiss Ikon. I got it when I was 14…that’s quite some time ago.
I really don’t think it was true “photography” as I just took random pictures.
When I was younger I even practiced with my father’s Kodak camera, a Six 20-Brownie:

In November 2005 I bought my first digital camera after using my daughter’s digital Sony camera for quite some time.
I was enthusiastic about it!
I chose to purchase an Olympus SP 500 UZ.
From that day on I became addicted to photography and the ‘art of observing’!
It means a lot to me.
So, I guess you could say it was late 2005 when I got involved in photography. ;-) It's a passion now!

2: Equipment you use?

* Olympus SP 500 UZ
** my body and my soul
*** my eyes

3: Mac or PC?


4: What inspires you?
I admire famous photographers like Annie Leibovitch and Martin Kers. What really inspires me is nature...and it makes me enjoy nature even more.
Many photographers on Flickr are very inspiring to me, too.
There is so much incredible talent here!!!

If English would have been my mother's tongue I might have described it in Ansel Adam's way:

“I believe in photography as one means of achieving an ultimate happiness and faith.
The quality of place, the reaction to immediate contact with earth and growing things that have a fugal relationship with mountains and sky, is essential to the integrity of our existence on this planet.”

5: Preferred subject matter?

Because of my husband's passion for art, we often visit museums and galleries. I love taking pictures of art, so this is a passion for me as well. I often go for a walk or a cycling tour and enjoy taking nature photos along the way, too.

And here on Flickr I love pairing my images with literary quotes!

6: Name one thing you haven't caught with the camera that you REALLY want to capture.

A lion in the wild! It would be my last photo, I'm afraid! ;-)
Well, I envy people who have cameras with all kinds of lenses...If I had a telephoto lens I would love to go out on a kingfisher hunt!

7: When in doubt about your art, who do you confide in?

I often show my pictures to my husband! His creativity with painting and sculpture work is a passion for him. That's not always an advantage, because he often has a different point of view about photography. I think he has a keen sense and he helps with constructive critique.

8. Qualifications/training in anything?

I use Adobe Elements 4 and Adobe CS3, but I'm not an expert.
I’m mainly self-taught. I learn while I’m doing; trial and error.

I am an administrator for several Flickr groups.
Viewing the photos in the groups is a great learning tool for me and I learn new things each day!

9. Plans for the future?

I plan to become an amateur! ;-)
Nothing more, nothing less.
For me, photography is something that completely relaxes me and takes my mind off the most troublesome thoughts and worries.
Photography is the perfect outlet for my feelings…that’s the most important factor!

10: In one word, describe your photography


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